Budget Okavango Safaris

 From our Okavango Island base camp near Maun, Shangana Safaris organizes a wide variety of exciting adventures. We are dedicated to creating trips of the best possible value. In keeping our prices as low as possible we do not compromise any of the important aspects of an African safari. Whether you are on your first safari or have long been bitten by the safari bug our team and the areas we take you to will make for a truly memorable visit.

Recent Shangana Safaris guest reviews

We had an amazing time- totally surpassed our expectations and your guys were fabulous. We spent hours around the camp fire chatting with them. Probably being the only 2 guests made for a more informal atmosphere. Interestingly after the canoe trip we (I) slightly struggled to adjust to the comparative luxury of the mobile safari-but I suspect that would put us in the minority so don’t change anything. Everything I’d dreamed of- Thank you all.

Angie (May 2022)

First of all, sorry for answering with such a delay! We just arrived back home in Berlin/GER, I´m sorting the pictures right now and the bandwidth now is enough for adding some as well.

All together we really really enjoyed the 2 night-trip with your guys very much! They were the 2 best days in our 3 week trip !
We were very surprised when we heard from Joseph in the beginning, that it’s just us 3 and him. We did expect other people to join.
But so it was very much a “private” tour! Perfect!
Here some thoughts in short:
Joseph: very very friendly, thoughtful and professional in every way (driving, talking, respect, knowledge)
At the camp: all very nice, friendly, courteous, warm hearted people, we felt very welcome without awkwardness on any of the sides.
– place:
not much to say… except :
lonely, beautiful, pure nature and still comfortable.
hippos and frogs sing you to sleep.
lovingly designed places – from the dining area to the hammock, the swing, the sunset bench and the shower.
– food:
good quality, always a bit more than needed, nicely served and even the picky 14yo was very satisfied and still talks about it 🙂
always cold water available, wine for dinner, everything your heart desires.
– mokoro / walk:
well organized, even with a car blocking the last bridge, Joseph organized our pick up routinely.
polers/guide: a bit young and probably not that well experienced, but still more then enough for us!
walk: saw some game (giraffes, birds, hippos (even outside the water, just a few meters away) and lots of bones and cadavers.
learned a few things about animals, tracks, poo, how to get the direction by watching the termite hills, trees, etc.
nice picnic spot as well as nice food again.

We really didn’t want to leave at all after the 2nd night!

So all of us 3 thought for a long time now, but we can’t think of any constructive criticism or anything that we would have missed.
Up to the insect repellent that the staff placed silently next to us in the first evening, everything was perfect – for us.

Thanks again for the nice experience, we will recommend you in any way !